We created this website to reduce the cultural stigma around sexual health and bring medically accurate and culturally appropriate information to Diné Youth.


Our vision is that this will be a safe, judgement-free place for Diné Youth across the Navajo Nation to come together to learn and explore and get information about their sexual health.

Ownership & Leadership

This initiative was founded by Capacity Builders, Inc. and was created for Diné Youth by Diné Youth, using their inspiration and ideas.


The Diné Youth Network website came about when leaders from Capacity Builders, Inc. applied for a grant to help Diné Youth better understand their sexuality and how to make informed and educated decisions about their sexual relationships.

We attended a IDEO workshop in San Francisco, where we learned how to design a human-centered, strategic, and effective program that would help us focus on the needs of Diné Youth in their unique culture, as went through puberty and started developing sexually.

Through the website we created a way to give every Navajo teen resources to medically accurate information as well as a judgement-free place to discuss their questions and concerns. We designed the program and the website to give Diné Youth living in the Navajo Nation much more access to information about their sexual health and resources to make safe and informed decisions about sex.

The design of the website came from direct input from Diné Youth. The colors, logos, and content were all ideas created from focus groups and interviews with Diné teens. It’s your website and we want it to be a place that you enjoy visiting.