What do I do if I get someone pregnant?

Feb/26 How to Confirm pregnancy

Finding out that your girlfriend is pregnant can be scary. You probably don’t know what to do. Your life is about to change and you might not feel ready for that. Most people feel like this can’t really be happening and some even pretend that it isn’t. This will not change your situation. If you […]

Why Does Sex Hurt?

Feb/26 Why does SEX Hurt

Most of the time, sex shouldn’t hurt. Whenever we feel pain in our body it is a sign to our brains that we need to pay attention to something. Our bodies are designed to tell us when something is wrong and this usually comes through a pain signal. So, there are a few common reasons […]

72nd Annual Navajo Nation Fair

Sep/12 Navajo Nation Fair

Come Join Us At The Navajo Nation Fair 72nd Annual Navajo Nation Fair – Arts & crafts, baby contest, free BBQ, exhibits, concerts, horse racing, parade, Pow Wow, Open Indian and junior rodeos, traditional song & dance, fry bread contest, and carnival. Don’t miss the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant. Date : Sep 3, 2018 – […]