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Navajo Nation Fair

Welcome to the Diné Youth Network website!

This lit website is a judgement-free zone that was created so you could come learn everything you need to know about your own sexual health. You can ask questions, get information, and understand how to use your brain to make smart decisions about your body.

Our goal at the Diné Youth Networkis to increase awareness and knowledge about sexuality across the Navajo Nation and to reduce the stigma that sometimes surrounds our sexuality. Maybe you’ve noticed that the older Navajo people around you, like your parents or your grandparents, don’t really talk a lot about sex? If your family is anything like ours was, it’s probably not a topic that comes up around the dinner table too often. (#awkward)

But you are at the age where you think about sex a lot (a real lot) and you’ve got questions. To make the right decisions about sex for you, you need accurate information.

That’s why we’re here! On this site and through our educational outreach program, we’re all about educating you about your sexual health. We want to teach you the facts, including everything you need to know about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and teen pregnancy.

Our site will also have important and helpful information about making healthy relationships (#goals), setting boundaries, reducing domestic violence, showing you places you can get help and medical care, and advice and help if you are new parent. We’ve got it all!

This is your life and we want to make sure you have access to lots of good information and resources so that you can design and live it the way you want to!

In addition to the website, we’ve been travelling around the Navajo Nation to get the word out about the Diné Youth Network. Maybe you’ve seen us out and about?

We just finished hitting all the fairs on the Navajo Nation and doing a media blast for the website. Maybe you saw us, talked to us, and got one of our t-shirts?

We were so excited to meet each of you and share our love for Diné Youth and our enthusiasm for improving the level of information about sex that you have access to and opening up conversations and discussions about sexuality.

Because let’s be honest…sex is super exciting but it also has big consequences. And you need to know all about it! That way you can make a purposeful and personal decision about how and when to have sex before you do something you either don’t understand or aren’t ready for.

All of the stuff we do at Diné Youth Network is made possible because of grant that leaders at Capacity Builders, Inc. wrote to get funding so we could run this program. Now we get to reach out and help Diné Youth all over the Navajo Nation get the right information and have a place to ask questions about anything regarding their sexuality. And we’re happy to say that we just earned another $50K in grant money to keep the effort going. This is just the beginning!

At Diné Youth Network, we believe in this cause and we believe in you and we want to make a difference in your life! Create a login today and join us as we begin this new adventure!

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